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Despite of the extraordinary conditions caused by Coronavirus epidemic which slow down life all over the world, some people continue working and producing. Slovenian graphic designer Jure Tovrljan is one of these productive people.

In order to draw attention to Coronavirus epidemic, the designer carries out a project adapting the logos of famous brands according to current conditions caused by the epidemic.

Authorities warn their citizens about the measures that should be taken against the epidemic which affects the whole world and communities negatively. We see news through conventional media such as TV and radio etc. and also through digital media in relation with the issue, however we believe that the works of creativity as Tovrljan’s are kept in mind more easily as they are more interesting.

In this project, the mermaid of Starbucks wears a mask in order to emphasize that people who are ill or suspected to be ill should be wearing their masks; in the NBA logo, the basketball player who dribbles to the opposite hoop stays home and rests to ensure isolation; the inseparable yellow and red circles of Master Card are spaced from each other with a social distance.

Inspired by Tovrljan’s projects, we have also reinterpreted the logos of Grup Ofis Marka Patent and our IP magazine GOSSIP.

We would like to remind you once again that we must take all required measures just like Tovrljan’s Olympic rings, to protect both our own and community’s health in order to end this pandemic crisis soon.

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Source: gossipdergi.com

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