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The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) has changed the form and speed of trademark examination system so that applicants will be able to secure their rights quickly.

In order to encourage applicants to use the online filing system and to speed up trademark examination process, the TIPO introduces a new fast-track trademark examination system. Starting from May 1, 2020, trademark applications who paid their fees in time and whose documents meet the following conditions when the application was filed, will see that the total process is shortened by two months. This change will not require extra fees.

  • This change will be valid if the application meets the following conditions.
  1. Applications must be made electronically.
  2. This system is not suitable for non-traditional, certification and collective trademarks.
  3. The goods and services must comply with the patent office standards.
  4. Payments must be made in accordance with the e-filing system.
  5. If the application is made by an agent/ attorney, the power of attorney must be submitted at the time of filing.

The trademarks with the above conditions will be automatically included in the system starting from May 1, 2020, and the examination period will be reduced by about 2 months for these trademarks.

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