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The law on the suspension of the arranged periods entered into force which is published on the 1st repeated issue of the Official Gazette dated 26/03/2020, within the scope of the measures taken in Turkey, in order to lessen the negative effects of COVID-19 epidemic. Said Law covers the periods which are mentioned in the Industrial Property Law No 6769. Accordingly, all periods performed before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office such as;

* periods in relation with the registration procedures,

* all periods in relation with the fees,

* objection periods,

* term of litigation for the cancelation of Re-examination and Evaluation Board’s decision,

* and all other periods that may cause loss of rights if not fulfilled

are suspended as of 13/3/2020 (including this date) until 30/4/2020 (including this date). These suspended periods will start to proceed again starting from the following day suspension period ends. As of the starting date of the suspension period, the periods which will expire in fifteen days or in a less time of period shall be deemed extended for fifteen days starting from the day following the expiration of the suspension period. In case the epidemic continues, President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, shall extend the period once again and shall also restrict the extent in relation with this period such that it does not exceed six months.

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