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2019 AIPPI World Congress was held in London between September 15-18, 2019.

AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) dedicated to protecting, developing and encouraging the intellectual property rights nationally and internationally, meets its members from all over the world every year in a different country via its traditional World Congress. In the annual AIPPI World Congress, not only the latest developments in intellectual property are discussed, but also the academical studies are conducted by the study groups called “Standing Committees”. Furthermore, representatives of the countries from all over the world come together and try to find for solutions to the study questions which are prepared for each year.

This year, the study questions discussed in 2019 AIPPI World Congress in London were Plausibility, Consumer Survey Evidence, IP damages for acts other than sales and Copyright in artificially generated works. The study groups from each country discussed the questions throughout the Congress and directives were formed as a result of the voting.

Yasemin Ozdemir who represents Grup Ofis Marka Patent stated that “AIPPI 2019 World Congress was an amazing experience to get involved with the study groups trying to find answers to the most interesting questions and also to have the chance to meet with IP friends and colleagues from all over the world”.

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